Kultakero I & II

A small fell village next to the national park - Discover new Kultakero

An atmospheric fell village is being built around Hotel Pyhätunturi.

Kultakero I & II

There is something special about Pyhä. Respecting this unique atmosphere, a small fell village will be built next to Hotel Pyhätunturi. Two wooden houses with apartments, restaurants and services will form the new central square.

Phase I of the construction of Kultakero is now underway and the target schedule for its opening is Christmas 2022. Phase II construction has begun in the summer of 2022 and the target for its opening is the end of 2023. More information available in Finnish in the sales brochure.

The renovation of the existing Hotel Pyhätunturi is also one of the next steps. When the whole complex is complete, the old hotel will become part of the new Kultakero.


ski-in ski-out
High-quality apartments right in the middle of Pyhä.
Luontoa lähellä
Respecting the surrounding nature with ecological wood construction.
Close to slopes, trails and services.
Built in three phases

Construction is divided into three phases, of which the construction of phase I has started in the summer of 2021. The opening goal of Kultakero I is at Christmas 2022.

The construction of Kultakero II is scheduled to start in the summer of 2022 and Kultakero II would be completed by Christmas 2023.

In phase III, Hotel Pyhätunturi will have a new 40-room wooden floor and the old rooms will be renovated. The expansion of the hotel is scheduled to be built during the summer of 2023 or 2024.

New services

In the coming years, new shops, restaurants, a rental shop and a ski school, fitness and wellness services and, of course, renovated hotel rooms and larger apartments with views will be built on the village's main square. And there are still only a few steps to the slopes and the national park. The cornerstone of the design is the Pyhä Masterplan created for us by Ecosign Mountain Planners, Canada’s world-leading ski resort designer.

Kultakero I-vaiheen kivijalassa sijaitsee uusi välinevuokraamo
Pyhä's atmosphere is built of wood

The new buildings will be built of solid domestic logs. The wood as a material is suitable for Pyhä, the gray log is both elegant and cozy at the same time. Wood and other natural materials are also used in the interior design of the apartments. Stunning views of the fell crown the natural atmosphere.

Kultakero-laajennuksen päärakennusaine on hirsi


4+4 kpl Taivas-apartments, 135 m², 8+2, sauna, outdoor jacuzzi & 50 m² scenic terrace.

2+2 kpl Uniikki-apartments, 74.5 m² ja 120.5 m², 2–4 bedrooms, sauna & outdoor jacuzzi. Uniikki-apartments will not be a part of Ski-Inn.

8+4 kpl Pore-apartments, 55 m², 2 bedrooms, outdoor jacuzzi & sauna with a window.

Phase I will also include 18 high-quality 25 m² Rakka hotel rooms and ten 29 m² Tokka family rooms.

Kultakero II will also include:

4 kpl Pore-apartments, 89 m², 2–3 bedrooms, outdoor jacuzzi & sauna with a window.

6 kpl Tokka53-apartments, 53 m²–56 m², 2 bedrooms, sauna & scenic terrace.

6 kpl Tokka33-apartments, 33 m²–38 m², 4 beds, common living and sleeping area, sauna with window and a private terrace.

Kultakero Taivas – Scenery and jacuzzi in the 135 m² terrace apartment

Four large apartments will be built on the top floor of Kultakero, with huge windows to admire the landscape that opens far into the horizon.

Kultakero Uniikki – Skylights and a jacuzzi

Two completely unique apartments will be created on the top floor of Kultakero. These apartments are not covered by the Ski-inn model.

The larger apartments consist of 81 m2 downstairs and 40 m2 loft. There are 3 to 4 bedrooms, one of which is located downstairs. The high living room combines with a wonderful dining area. The smaller one consists of 50 m2 downstairs and 25 m2 full height loft.

Kultakero Pore – Corner terrace and jacuzzi

Kultakero's corner apartments serve the best of Pyhä. The 55 square meters can accommodate two bedrooms, the larger of which has a private bathroom. From the sauna you can admire the view from the window, but even better it is from the terrace. The L-shaped, 30 m2 terrace opens in two directions and revolves around the entire apartment. In these landscapes you can take a dip in your own jacuzzi under both the midnight sun and the northern lights.

Pyhän Kultakeron visiokuva
Six Kultakero Tokka 53-apartments

Kultakero Tokka53 apartments are located in the middle of the building on both sides of the house. To the north there are unobstructed views up to the horizon and to the south you can enjoy the sun on your own terrace, in the heart of the fell village.

Six Kultakero Family 33-apartments

The slope-level Tokka Apartments of Kultakero are truly ski-in ski-out, as the slopes practically start from your own terrace. The terrace bench also serves as a ski storage room, so it is really easy to get to and from the slopes with the children.

Kultakero Rakka – a modern hotel room

18 hotel rooms of Kultakero offer a cosy option for a couples or solo travelers. From the french balcony you can admire the scenery or follow the bustle of the village. 

Kultakero Rakka

European Regional Development fund supports the Kultakero I-project with regard to the hotel rooms and business premises which are owned by Pyhätunturi Oy. The support has not been applied for apartments which are on sale. 

Leverage from the EU